ASTRO Gaming becomes the Official Presenting and exclusive Audio Partner for CEO 2021!

Since 2016, ASTRO Gaming has been a huge supporter of CEO Gaming events. As one of the first FGC events to have all tournament setups covered by ASTRO MixAmps and a free headset rental program, their team has ensured players can play at their highest level. ASTRO has continued to support and amplify the CEO Gaming experience. In 2018, ASTRO Gaming helped purchase a brand new wrestling ring that was used in our New Japan Pro Wrestling crossover, the 2020 Chris Jericho Cruise, as well as for players to compete in during Finals day that will continue to be used at future CEO events.

Continuing to set the tournament audio standard for the FGC.

This year, ASTRO is taking things to the next level by providing the MixAmp Pro TR to all tournament stations for CEO 2021. Throughout CEO at the Wyndham Orlando Resort you will find ASTRO Gaming’s premium MixAmp Pro TR, the Official MixAmp of CEO Gaming in 2021, featured at every gaming station! Each MixAmp ensures an important audio solution is available for all matches event weekend, one best completed by the Official Headset of CEO Gaming, the ASTRO A40 TR!

ASTRO is also taking COVID Protocols and Player Safety very seriously. A reminder that every player should bring their own headset for their tournament stations that us a standard headphone 3.5mm headphone jack to plug in.

For our Stream Stages, players can bring their own headset or borrow one for free from the ASTRO booth located in Palms Ballroom up until Top 8. ASTRO will be providing all of our TOP 8 Placers their own cleaned and sanitized headset to borrow for their finals matches. Below is a breakdown of their awesome support and how we plan to manage it all.

Here’s what ASTRO also has in store at their Booth:

    • Meet the ASTRO Family
    • Free Headset Rentals
    • Playable Stations
    • Raffle Giveaways
    • “Play-A-Pro Challenge” to win ASTRO Prizes

Helping make sure audio availability is the new standard for fighting game tournaments, ASTRO Gaming will be on-site with free-to-rent headsets for CEO 2021 Fighting Game Championships. Whether on-stage or on the competition floor, ASTRO Gaming at CEO Gaming events are creating the game audio conditions necessary for your need to play your best.


Open Bracket Pool Stations: ASTRO MixAmps will be provided at every station in the Open Bracket so competitors have an accessible audio source and enough power to operate up to 4 headsets on one console or PC when needed.

  • Competitors will have the option to use their personal headset for the Open Bracket stations because the ASTRO MixAmp is compatible with any 3.5mm-based gaming headset and most earbuds.

Headset Loaners: For competitors without headsets, ASTRO will have A40 TR Headsets at each major event for competitors to borrow for the weekend.

  • Borrow an A40 TR Headset from the ASTRO Booth for FREE= at the beginning of each event day on a “first come, first served” basis. (Supplies are limited.)
  • Competitors will be required to fill out a loaner agreement and leave their valid ID with ASTRO as collateral until the borrowed headsets are returned at the end of each day.

ASTRO Support Staff:

  • The ASTRO Crew will be on-site at every event to ensure your audio works perfectly and you have a great time competing.
  • Ask them for help! ASTRO Audio Techs are stationed in the ASTRO Booth on the tournament floor – ready to offer tech support for anybody that needs help hearing their game better.
  • If you don’t see an ASTRO Audio Tech available – the TO Desk and Event Staff can help you contact an Audio Tech for extra support at your station.
  • ASTRO and CEO will also be creating content and providing giveaway prizes at each major event. Be sure to stop by the ASTRO Booth to borrow a headset, enter the giveaways and learn more about their products.