CEO 2021 Powered by Astro Gaming Registration is LIVE!

CEO 2021 Fighting Game Championships powered by ASTRO GAMING Returns to the Wyndham Orlando Resort on December 3-5!

Welcome Back FGC!

It has been a long year for the community dealing with the ongoing pandemic. First off, I want to simply say thank you to every single member of the FGC for keeping each other engaged. Whether it was through online tournaments, discords or social media, your passion helped everyone, including myself get through what makes the FGC truly special, not having offline events.

We are extremely happy to launch registration for CEO 2021, which takes place on December 3rd-5th at the Wyndham Orlando Resort after multiple event cancellations since 2020. Historically, CEO has always taken place in June and will return to it’s usual summer event time frame in June 2022.

With vaccines becoming readily available, and fans eager to attend events, we want to bring the community an event to be remembered in 2021. CEO will continue to monitor all CDC guidelines and update attendees on everything required for the safest event possible as we get closer to the event. Please read our updated policies page as we’ve updated quite a few rules and guidelines for all attendees to ensure an all around safe experience for everyone.


Now for the good stuff. As our Official Launch trailer has shown, we’ll be featuring 10 Official Tournaments. While smaller than our usual CEO line up, we wanted to ensure a comfortable experience for all attendees within the 60,000 sq ft Wyndham Orlando Resort conference center. We have a current cap of 2500 entrants plus individual tournament caps as listed on but may raise it as we get closer to the event and things continue to become safer. We hope to open side event applications later this summer as well so please stay tuned.

Coming back will be the 24 hour Jebaileyland arcade and BYOC room! Featuring arcade machines from Arcade Impact (Initial D, DDR, Jubeat, Sound Voltex & more), Tony Majors fighting game cabs and more!

We’ll have a final list to share closer to the event.


Now get to registering through as well as hotel information located here: We’ll see you in December! Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to join the channel to keep up with the community.