Community Effort Online Edition 2020

Welcome to Community Effort Online on June 27-28th!

While our hopes are to still host the official offline CEO 2020 Championships in December as announced here we wanted to spend the original weekend to spend it looking back on a decade plus of CEO Gaming events with never before seen community interviews, highlights and tournaments.

We hope everyone has been staying safe in these times. In 10 plus years of FGC events, I have never had to cancel/postpone an event. It’s in my DNA to enjoy running CEO events and I want to do something to put smiles on supporters faces even for a short weekend while we can.

For some of these highlights and memories, we would love your help. We have created a form here for past attendees to talk about their CEO experiences. Please fill it out if you can as we’ll be raffling off a couple prizes during the online event to viewers and those who have responded.

Our selection of games were chosen to represent the early community years of CEO with titles that helped CEO grow into what it is today.

We’re hosting the three games below on Saturday June 27th, While Sunday starting at 12 Noon Eastern we’ll be taking a look back at a decade of CEO memories with staff, attendees and more. We’ll end the weekend with the Final 4 from the tournaments on

We have created a PLAYER GUIDE HERE for everyone to get familiar with how this online event will run. Please read it, join the discord and we’ll see you June 27-28

  • Ultra Street Fighter IV (PS4) 128 player cap
  • Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (PC “Parsec”) 32 player cap
  • Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath (PS4) 128 player cap
  • June 27th-28th
  • Matches will start as early as noon, on Saturday, June 27th.
  • Top 4 for each game will be played on Sunday, June 28th.
Stream SCHEDULE for Sunday
  • June 27th-28th
  • 12 NOON Est the #CEOnline stream begins with a look back at ten years of CEO.
  • Top 4 finals will begin at 6 pm EST
  • MK11 Aftermath Top 4 6pm EST
  • UMvC3 Top 4 7:15pm EST
  • USF4 Top 4 8:30pm EST

Schedule subject to change with notice

  • Please visit to register for the online tournaments
  • Free to enter for players from Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee and Alabama are eligible to compete. (This event is being hosted to celebrate the Southeast region that represented players at the very first CEO in 2010. This also helps eliminate potential lag with cross country play. We’re sorry for any other states that wish to enter, if this becomes a successful event we will expand upon it in the future)
  • There is a player limit for each event, so sign up early!
  • Join the CEO discord
  • Register here on
  • Check-in before the start of bracket on and discord
  • Detailed rules and procedures coming soon!
PRIZES (Thank you as always to @ASTROGaming for their support)
  • 1st ($150) + A40 + MixAmp Pro TR
  • 2nd ($75) C40 TR Controller
  • 3rd ($25) A40 TR Headset
  • 4th A personalized thank you tweet from @Jebailey thanking you for entering.

Note for our Top 4 finalists, We would love to coordinate entrance videos, recorded by you in your home, walking to your setup before finals. Please be ready to help us make this entertaining even from home for our viewers.

@ASTROGaming is also excited to give our viewers giveaway prizes this weekend via social media and stream chat on