CEO 2020 Fighting Game Championships Powered by ASTRO GAMING to be Postponed

CEO 2020 Fighting Game Championships powered by ASTRO GAMING to be postponed from June 26-28 to December 11-13 2020 at the Wyndham Orlando Resort. 

In CEO Gaming’s 11 year history, nothing has ever prevented us from bringing people together from across the world for CEO. However, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic putting the planet on hold, we are postponing CEO 2020 from its original dates of June 26-28 to December 11-13, 2020. While we recognize that some states are slowly starting to open back up, CEO Gaming feels June will be too soon to ensure everyone’s safety at our flagship event.

We believe that hosting CEO 2020 during Florida’s coolest season this December will allow us all to end 2020 on a positive note. Should the Coronavirus pandemic situation not improve, CEO 2020 in December would be cancelled without penalty to CEO Gaming or its registrants. It is our hope today that restrictions on large gatherings and international travel will have been safely resolved by December. We will be monitoring global reports and keeping our attendees informed of CEO Gaming’s plans during development of our December event.

We know that these plans can change everyone’s reservations, bookings, and registrations, so please reach out to us about anything you need assistance with. We’re here to help anyone planning to attend CEO 2020 and can process refunds for any registrant no longer planning to attend our rescheduled event. Please email and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

If you have any questions about CEO 2020 for this year, please read our FAQ below which should answer most of the questions attendees may have. Registration will also remain on the same page with updated dates and if you have already signed up you won’t need to register again to attend.

We hope that everyone has been staying healthy and safe, and we hope to see everyone together again soon, sharing their love of fighting games together.

Alex Jebailey 

Frequently Asked Questions you may have:

The People – Do I need to rebook my hotel room for the CEO room block at the Wyndham Orlando Resort?
Jebailey – Yes. If you have already registered for a CEO 2020 Hotel room at the Wyndham Orlando Resort, you have already been emailed details on how to rebook your room before the new reservation link opens to the public on Monday May 4th. If you do not rebook before May 4th, it’ll be a first come first serve basis again to the public. Your previous reservation for June has been cancelled by the hotel automatically and no deposits were charged. Rebooked or newly booked rooms can be cancelled without penalty should Coronavirus impact CEO 2020 in December.

For new reservations, we’ll update our hotel reservation link with the new dates to the public this coming Monday, May 4th at 12 Noon EST.

The People – If I didn’t book through the CEO Official Room Block and used a 3rd party is the process different?
Jebailey – First, shame on you for not supporting our block directly! You’ll have to contact the company you booked through and cancel it manually through them and book through the CEO Block separately when it goes live Monday afternoon.

The People – Do I need to register again if I already signed up on
Jebailey – No. If you wish to attend still you do not need to sign up again. We’ll simply update with the new December 11-13 dates and your registration remains the same. You can still modify or add games before December by managing your account on that page.

The People – When will refunds be processed if I can not make December?
Jebailey – Please email the request with your tag and full name and we’ll process it within a week of receiving the email. We also would like to kindly request when issuing a refund that CEO Gaming retains a $2 processing fee (unfortunately PayPal/Stripe do not return processing fees to the seller) to cover potential losses from the COVID-19 Impacted. Everything else will be fully refunded. If you have any issues with this please let us know in your email request for a refund.

The People– Is the tournament line up changing?
Jebailey – Yes, there will be a few changes to the tournament line up in the near future due to schedule conflicts and resource management.

We are sad to announce that the DDR Storm, dance game rhythm tournaments, portion of CEO 2020 will not be held this year. If you registered for the event already, please expect a full refund by early next week to anyone registered for DDR, PIU, ITG etc. If you wish to still attend for other games, please email and we’ll leave your registration for anything else in tact. We are removing the DDR Storm portion because December 11-13 also coincides with Tokyo Attack’s RAJ event in Ohio. They are our supplier of dance games to CEO and we do not want to split the community during that weekend. We are hoping to have DDR Storm return to CEO 2021 in Daytona Beach, FL next year!

The People – Does this mean no Jebaileyland in December?
Jebailey – We still plan to work with Arcade Impact and other arcade vendors to bring fighting game arcade cabinets and a few dance machines for freeplay to CEO 2020!

The People – Any additional games or changes?
Jebailey – We are excited to add Killer Instinct on XBOX One to the tournament line up. There’s been an amazing resurgence lately due to its incredible Online Play. We’d like to be one of the few events this year to have an offline experience for that renewed interest to point to.

As for the venue, we still have all of the Wyndham Orlando Resort space available offering over 60,000 sq ft of fighting game space. We’ll continue to leave the Artist Alley and Vendor Applications up on We’ll reach out with selections as soon as we know things are able to proceed for December.

The People – Is CEOtaku scheduled to happen on September 25-27, 2020 at the Wyndham Orlando Resort still?
Jebailey – We are still monitoring everything closely through the summer. Traditionally, registration for CEOtaku opens up early July. If things do not seem to be improving or large gatherings are still restricted, we will need to cancel CEOtaku 2020. Know that if CEOtaku 2020 is cancelled, we would spend the year building towards our biggest and best CEOtaku yet in September 2021.

The People – Any other changes to CEO 2020, is there a live wrestling show?Jebailey – At this time nothing is being scheduled to take place beside CEO 2020 at the Wyndham. With everything happening this year such as smaller turnouts, lost sponsors, postponed or canceled pro tour stops at CEO and the like, our focus for CEO 2020 will be truly on the fighting game experience. As usual you can expect a near perfect tournament experience with lots of casuals and free play. I know everybody is going to be hungry to push buttons together the moment we come out of this Pandemic.

The People – Can I have a reminder of the next few scheduled CEO events?

Jebailey – To remind everyone of our officially scheduled events:

  • CEOtaku 2020 Powered by ASTRO GAMING on September 25-27 in Orlando, FL.
  • CEO 2020 Powered by ASTRO GAMING on December 11-13 in Orlando, FL. 
  • Registration is live on
  • CEO 2021 on June 25-27, 2021 in Daytona Beach, FL (at the Ocean Center).
  • CEOtaku 2021 on September 24-26, 2021 in Orlando, FL.

Please keep in mind, even though CEO 2020 may take place in December, the next few years of CEO’s Fighting Game Championships are scheduled to remain in June.