This was the 3rd CEOtaku thanks to everyone’s support and it was our biggest and best one to date. Thank you so much to all of the Anime community leaders, first time attendees and international players that made it out to the event. I couldn’t have been happier with the end result of this event and prouder of everyone involved. You made new fans of the anime fighting game community by being so welcoming that they are ready to attend more events out there. Below you’ll find a plethora of tweets mentioning people’s experience at #CEOtaku this year.
Thank you again and we’ll see you next year for the 4th CEOtaku (stay tuned for dates to be announced soon).

Also huge thanks to @CEOJebailey for running an awesome event. Was a genuine pleasure spectating hopefully will get out to an event soon.

— Ash Green (@FNDictator) September 25, 2017

CEOtaku has become a gateway tournament for many attendees who have chosen it as their first FGC event to go to. It’s thanks to you our scene continues to grow and I hope to see you all at many more events to come. Also a thank you to everyone that tuned in from home and had things to say about their viewer experience.