Congratulations to all of our winners and finalists for showcasing some of the best Anime Fighting Game Matches at CEOtaku. For complete pool placements of all official games you can visit Below you’ll find all of our Top finishers along with direct links to the Challonge brackets, Top 8 playlists for all official games plus Finals Footage of our Side tournaments. I wanted to have one stop for anyone to reflect on high level play or their own matches for easier record keeping moving forward with CEO events. Hope you enjoy this type of Results page and any feedback is welcome to making it better on our twitter account @CEOGaming.

Thank you again to all the players and staff for helping run all of the brackets so smoothly over the weekend. All of you made this one of the most fun events I’ve had the pleasure of organizing to date.


1. Dogura (Sin Kiske)
2. Kazunoko (Sol Badguy)
3. faultydefense (Sin Kiske)
4. FF|ElvenShadow (Faust)
5. dot_Nova (Potemkin)
5. KBnova (Bedman)
7. Zinac (Faust)
7. TGD|Oso (Elphelt)

1. BananaKen (Shadow Labrys)
2. TectalEastside (Rise Kujikawa)
3. Radoric (Margaret, Naoto Shirogane)
4. D-Link|Lord Knight (Margaret, Mitsuru Kirijo)
5. CORN|Axis (Ken Amada)
5. MagatsuLv (Tohru Adachi)
7. Yoshiki (Kanji Tatsumi, Chie Satonaka)
7. BSA|HavocVsTheWorld (Minazuki)

1. GO1-3151 (Shana/Enju)
2. beans|Gono (Akira/Dokuro)
3. MX KUSANAGI (Kirito/Enju, Kirito/Mashiro)
4. Waterloo Hilda (Selvaria/Alicia)
5. Kirito (Kirito/Izaya)
5. CORN.LOD|TheAlmightyLPZ (Rentaro/Kuroneko)
7. DoD|Butterfree (Rentaro/Enju)
7. Tsuntenshi (Kirino/Dokuro)

Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!
Finals Footage

1. Greats (Dorothy)
2. Sushi (Clarice)
3. Lost Ark|purifyweirdsoul (Fiona)

Chaos Code
 Finals Footage

1. Greats (Kagari)
2. MarshallLawKoF (Vein)
3. Miller2B (Rui)

1. Yoshiki (ν-No.13-)
2. Dogura (ν-No.13-, Jin)
3. XIE (Platinum)
4. @huey253 (Bang)
5. DTMI|DawnHikarii (Noel)
5. GO1-3151 (Jin)
7. Psykotik (Carl)
7. TectalEastside (μ-No.12-)

1. GO1-3151 (F-, C-Tohno Akiha, C-Arcu Brune)
2. DoD|Buttefree (C-, H-, F-Nanaya Shiki)
3. MX|KUSANAGI (C-, H-, F-Aozaki Aoko)
4. Greats (F-Archetype:Earth)
5. D-Link|Lord Knight (H-Kohaku, F-Arche:Earth)
5. KoM|Inso (F-Nan Shiki, H-Red Arcu, H-Arch:E)
7. XIE (C-Neco & Mech, C-Mech Hisui)
7. Madscientist (F-Akiha Vermillion)

Skullgirls 2nd Encore
52 Competitors
Top 8 Playlist(Coming Soon)

1. cR|dekillsage (Fukua/Double/Squigly)
2. DCB|KENINBLACK (Parasoul/Double/Fukua)
3. Hirokuni (Parasoul/Fukua/Cerebella)
4. XGN|McPeanuts (Double/Peacock/Big Band)
5. Khaos Muffins (Ms. Fortune/Eliza, Ms. Fortune)
5. Shade Moneh (Parasoul/Fukua/Filia)
7. Socks (Eliza/Double/Cerebella)
7. 240p|Medic (Parasoul/Filia/Cerebella)

Vampire Savior
Finals Footage

1. Rikir (Q-Bee)
2. SonicSpear64 (Aulbath)
3. Hagure (Gallon) 4. Essay (Felicia)

Finals Footage

1. Dacidbro (Sheep)
2. cj iwakura (Sheep)
3. KirbyLover69 (Sheep)

1. GO1-3151 (Gordeau)
2. Waterloo Hilda (Hilda)
3. Argenrost (Waldstein)
4. Clim (Merkava)
5. @jasepi_iidx (Gordeau)
5. MX|KUSANAGI (Yuzuriha)
7. Rikir (Chaos)
7. Psykotik (Orie)

1. Kazunoko (Order Sol)
2. Dogura (Robo Ky)
3. See Me in +R! (Slayer)
4. KBnova (Zappa)
5. FF|ElvenShadow (Faust)
5. Skeletal Minion (A.B.A)
7. Nope (Sol)
7. TSB|Mynus (I-No)

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
45 Competitors
Top 8 Playlist (Coming Soon)

1. VS|Marvelo (Nova/Doom/Strider)
2. iG|FullSchedule (C.Viper/Doom/Ammy)
3. Flocker (Zero/Vergil/Hawkeye)
4. Asian Demon (Wolverine/Doom/Wesker)
5. Miniboss (Dr. Strange/Vergil/Doom)
5. DK|Roachking (Magneto/Doom/Phoenix)
7. STVG|Dr Salt (Felicia/Doom/Amaterasu)
7. Flux (Zero/Vergil/Dante)

AquaPazza: Dream Match
Finals Footage

1. GO1-3151 (Chizuru/Ma-ryan)
2. beans|Gono (Oboro/Satsuki)
3. Lost Ark|purifyweirdsoul (Sasara/Ma-ryan)

Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm
Finals Footage

1. Nickcool (Hina)
2. Lost Ark|Jin (Crow)
3. MarshallLawkoF (JET)

HUGE Thank you to our event streamers  FunkyP & Jyosua for their hard work over the weekend. Be sure to follow them on Youtube for their other tournament videos:
FunkyP CEOtaku Videos           Jyosua CEOtaku Videos

Check out the Official CEOtaku Recap Video Below

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