Everything you need to know about CEOtaku 2023 at the Wyndham Orlando Resort!

Welcome back everyone to our SEVENTH Annual CEOtaku event! This year’s theme is all things Final Fantasy VII (One of my Favorite games of all time).

I’d like to guide you through the information you need to maximize your CEOtaku 2023 experience this weekend. Please read everything below and have fun! If you have any questions, interact with us on discord.gg/ceogaming


  • Venue:
    • Wyndham Orlando Resort
      8001 International Dr.,
      Orlando, FL 32819
      (407) 351-2420
  • If this is your first time attending, the Wyndham is the official hotel as well as the venue on property with over 60,000 sq ft of space dedicated to CEOtaku!
  • Citrus & Keys Ballrooms will be 24 hours starting Friday night and ending Sunday at 8 pm!
  • Palms and Floral will close at midnight Friday and Saturday. All of CEOtaku concludes after Guilty Gear -Strive- Top 8 on Sunday (Around 10 pm)
  • Parking at the Wyndham is generally $10 per day if you are staying on property.
  • There is no official shuttle from the MCO (Orlando International Airport) however it is only about a 20 minute drive away from the venue and the airport has Uber & Lyft Ridesharing which averages about $30 each way.
  • We will have around the clock security all weekend. Please wear your badge at all times.
  • No outside food or drinks allowed (you may bring in a soda/water bottle). Plenty of Water fountains and bathrooms all over the venue.
  • You can click the venue map below to expand and see where everything is within the venue for CEOtaku!
  • For the foodies out there, here’s a couple links to all of the best restaurants nearby. The Wyndham is SURROUNDED by everything you need within walking distance.
    Fifteen iDrive Restaurants you should try. 
    Trip Advisor restaurants nearby
  • The Venue Hotel is surrounded by a WaWa, Walgreens and many other shopping centers to check out.

Badge Pickup

  • This year at the Wyndham, all badges will be picked up in front of the main Palms Ballroom throughout the weekend. We will have two organized lines. You can show your Photo ID or email receipt.
    • Standard badges for registered players and spectators.
    • Contributor Badges (If you pre-ordered the $10 option to have your name on badge), volunteers, media, and artists/exhibitors.
  • While Player Reg for official tournaments are closed, we will have on site spectator badges for $30 Single Day Wristband & $65 for the weekend ($50 if you come just Saturday and Sunday). You can still purchase online on start.gg/ceotaku until Tuesday 9/19 at 11:59 pm edt.
  • Badge pickup schedule (You may pick up your badge anytime over the weekend if you can’t make it on Friday)
    • Thursday 5pm-9pm
    • Friday 11am-9pm (Official Doors for each Ballroom is 12 pm Friday)
    • Saturday 9am-9pm
    • Sunday 9am-6pm
  • Please plan to pick up your badge at least one hour before your first scheduled pool time to avoid disqualification from bracket.
  • Lost badges will not be replaced and a new badge may be purchased again at registration. “My waifu stole my badge” is not an acceptable excuse.

CEO Discord

  • Join the CEO Discord Server for this and future events at https://discord.gg/ceogaming 
    • Receive live updates during the event.
    • Lose something? Check out the CEOtaku #lostandfound channel.
    • Have questions? Hit up the #ask-the-staff channel.


When and where is my tournament pool?

  • The event schedule and floorplan is available above.  But here’s direct links to screenshot download again!
    Official Tournament Schedule        |        Community and Special Event Schedule
  • If this is your first FGC Tournament ever, be sure to check in at least 10 minutes before your scheduled pool time with the staff member holding a big paper bracket. They’ll be able to answer any questions for you.
  • You’ll need to provide your own converters, leverless, controllers or fight sticks to compete. When you sit down to play, be sure to check that all previous Bluetooth devices are disconnected and deleted.
  • Preliminary pool assignments are available at https://start.gg/ceotaku
    • If you need to submit feedback, please do so via [CEOtaku  FEEDBACK FORM]. before 11:50 pm EDT Tuesday Night on 9/19. 
    • Pool assignments are subject to change. Pools will be finalized and locked in by Wednesday evening so please re visit Wednesday evening to know when you are playing. 
  • Please plan to show up to your pool 10 minutes early and check-in with the person running your bracket at your pool location.
  • To find exactly where your pool station is, every game will have Station Numbers, so if you are in Guilty Gear -Strive- A1, you’ll look for Station Sign 1 inside of Tournament Hall (Venue Map has where each official game will be located) and report there for your bracket 10 minutes before its start time.
    • Please try to stay near your pool until you are done competing.
    • If you need to step away for any reason, please inform the person running your bracket.
    • If you are competing in multiple tournaments at the same time, please make your judges aware before you go back to the other game.
  • If you are disqualified for not showing up to your bracket or leaving during, there won’t be anything we can do afterwards. 
  • Community Tournaments run on their own schedule with seeding/brackets created same day as they take place. Please communicate with the community TOs through start.gg/ceotakuce.

Click here for Official CEOtaku 2023 Game Rules.

Also please familiarize yourself with all of our Code of Conduct and general event policies here.


  • We have over 40 featured ARTISTS & VENDORS this year, so be sure to check out their artwork and items for sale.
  • Our official Artist Alley is located in front of Palms Ballroom spread out in front of Palms and Floral Ballrooms.
  • This year we’ve expanded on the Vendor hall selling gaming and anime commercial goods inside of the Citrus ballroom!
  • Official Artist Alley and Vendor Hall hours are:
    Friday 12-8 pm
    Saturday & Sunday 10am-6 pm

Maid Cafe Experience, Table Top and mini Jebaileyland arcade

  • Cafe Peko Peko (Maid Cafe experience) brings the kawaii Maid Cafe culture to CEOtaku. Come join the maids for fun performances, games, desserts! This is a separately ticketed experience taking place throughout the weekend. This is a separately ticketed event and will be located in the dedicated Florida Room next to the main Wyndham Pool.
  • Along side our Community Side Events, we’ll have BYOC and Open Table Top for attendees to enjoy and play their favorite card and board games throughout the weekend.
  • Pocket Paragons team will be inside of the TCG area demoing their incredibly addicting 2 player fighting card game all weekend.
  • We brought a taste of CEO’s Jebaileyland Arcade to CEOtaku this year featuring 30ish Arcade cabs courtesy of DATA FGC & TEXAS SHOT TAKERS. Games include such favorites as Fighter Candy Cab Classics, Synchronica
    Keyboard mania 3, Beatmania the final, The Bishi Bashi, Future Tom Tom & Pump it Up: Prime 2.

Community Events and other activities.

What’s on the Line at CEOtaku 2023 and additional prizing!

  • This year we have 20+ official tournaments taking place throughout the weekend with all Official Game Champions taking home a plethora of prizes (from various sponsors) and cash
  • All Top 8 Finalists will receive a Customized CEOtaku Medals!
  • Approved Community Side Events will receive Medals to their Top 3 Finalists.

Good luck to all competitors and above all else, stay safe and have fun!

CEOtaku 2023 brought to you by these Partners

General Event Rules

  • Bring your own controllers, tournament legal converters, fight stick, leverless or any peripheral needed to play your tournament matches.
  • Make sure to delete previous Bluetooth devices on the PS4 PROs or PS5 console you play your tournament matches on so you don’t get interrupted during your match.
  • Please be respectful of other attendees and follow directions given by the CEO and hotel staff.
  • NO OUTSIDE FOOD or ALCOHOL is allowed in the Venue Space. Drinks such as water and soda are fine, just please keep them away from the consoles and off the tournament tables.
  • There is NO SMOKING and NO VAPING inside of the venue.
  • We have hired a full security team for the safety and comfort of our attendees. Please don’t hesitate to report anything suspicious to the hotel, Allied Universal Security and CEO staff.
  • It may not be the summer, but still do be hygienic for the comfort of everyone. If you sweat through all of your clothes, feel free to buy more CEOtaku t-shirts at the Gaming Gen merch booth to get you through the weekend!
  • Most of all, please have fun, make new friends, support all the great vendors and thank your bracket staff.

Official CEOtaku 2023 Merchandise
Will be on sale at the Gaming Generations Booth inside of the main Palms Ballroom!
If you pre-ordered a CEOtaku shirt or Hoodie, you’ll receive it when you arrive and collect your event badge at registration.
If you can’t make the event, we’ll have an online store selling some of these items during the weekend on ceo.gaminggen.gg.

CEOtaku2023_Merch_Ad (1)

The entire CEO team and I look forward to providing an awesome experience for everyone. Feel free to share your weekend’s memories and pictures using the hashtag #CEOtaku throughout social media! 

CEO and CEOtaku have always stood for the community and we wouldn’t be here without your support, so thanks to each and everyone of you. 

If you have any other questions about the event, please email ceogaming@gmail.com

Your Host,

Alex Jebailey