CEO 2018 Community Panels

Friday, June 29th

1:00PM - 2:00PM

Building a Brand: Making eSports into a Career

Friday, June 29th – 1:00PM to 2:00PM – Panel Room 1 (Room 103)

Hosted by Jacob Doll of Broken Alliance and Garrad “jackal” Belle

Spend an hour with the streaming manager of Broken Alliance, come share in the knowledge of someone who’d worked in gaming for many years as he helps you to figure out what it takes to make yourself a successful figure in eSports. This panel will cover streaming, social media, and much more.

1:45PM - 2:45PM

Games & Art: Being an Artist for a Living

Friday, June 29th – 1:45PM to 2:45PM – Panel Room 2 (Room 102)

Hosted by ROBO OHNO and Genki Goth Studios

CEO Daytona 2018 artists ROBO OHNO ( and Genki Goth Studios ( discuss what it’s like to make art as a career, including getting started, techniques, hardships, drawing inspiration from video games and life, and tips on how to be successful.


Insert Coin: The History of Fighting Games

Friday, June 29th – 2:30PM to 4:00PM – Panel Room 1 (Room 103)

Hosted by John Merced and Mike “Brotha Kyo’ Burgess

There is no genre in video games that has seen more ups and downs in their lifetime than fighting games. So grab your quarter and come learn the history of fighting games with two enthusiastic fighting game fans.

4:00PM - 5:00PM

Mat Mania Podcast LIVE with Mega Ran

Friday, June 29th – 3:15PM – 4:15PM – Panel Room 2 (Room 102)

Hosted by Mega Ran of Mat Mania

Teacher/Rapper/Hero Mega Ran will hold a LIVE version of his wrestling podcast Mat Mania, discussing everything from NJPW, WWE, and in-between, taking live input from the audience and special guests!

4:30PM - 5:30PM

Modern Arcade Culture with Arcade Impact

Friday, June 30th – 4:30PM to 5:30PM – Panel Room 1 (Room 103)

Hosted by Meredith Kearney and Justin Denning of Arcade Impact

The arcades that the fighting game community grew out of have unfortunately become harder and harder to sustain, and the decline of traditional arcades has created a new modern arcade culture in the west, including rental arcades and “barcades”. We’re going to talk about some of the factors that lead to the emergence of the modern arcade culture and what the modern arcade culture revolves around, including some background on how Arcade Impact came to be a suppor

5:15PM - 6:15PM

Women in Gaming

Friday, June 29th – 4:45PM to 5:45PM – Panel Room 2 (Room 102)

Hosted by Kara Klaczynski, Monica Philpott, Mia Martin

This panel is to empower the fighting game community by giving resources, advice, and direction to women and supporters of women in gaming from a competitive and business perspective. We will be sharing stories of our gaming careers, how we overcame obstacles, and how to treat other minorities in the community.

6:00PM - 7:15PM

Fighting Game Name that Tune

Friday, June 29th – 6:00PM to 7:15PM – Panel Room 1 (Room 103)

Hosted by Kent Ward

Fighting games have some of the greatest tunes ever, but can you name them all? In Fighting Game Name !that Tune, compete in several categories to name music from different eras of fighting games and win prizes, Sponsored by Ongaku Overdrive. (

6:30PM - 7:30PM

Red Ribbon Retrospect LIVE Podcast

Friday, June 29th – 6:15PM to 7:15PM- Panel Room 2

Hosted by Amanda “Romanova” Renzelman of Red Ribbon Retrospect

It’s a live talk show from the Red Ribbon Retrospect podcast! We’ll be talking all about Dragon Ball FighterZ of course. Plus there will be quizzes, audience Q&A, special guests, some goofy Dragon Ball fun, and more!

Saturday, June 30th

1:00PM - 2:00PM

On the FACTS: FGC Trivia

Saturday, June 30th – 1:00PM to 2:00PM – Panel Room 1 (Room 103)

Hosted by Cookye of Goddesses Media, with assistance by secretary Christian Gulley

In a jeopardy game show style format, On the Facts is a Trivia competition that explores the world of fighting games and its surrounding lore. Questions are not limited to but including subjects pertaining to Character background information, music, character quotes, manga/comics, and cosplay.

1st place winner receives: $500 2nd place winner receives: $250 and 3rd place winner receives: $50. Audience participation is welcomed and there is cash incentives for the audience involvement. All cash prizes are supported and sponsored by Goddesses Media

1:30PM - 2:30PM

Retro City Warfare: Arcade Edition

Saturday, June 30th – 1:30PM to 2:30PM – Panel Room 2 (Room 102)

Hosted by The Crazy Random Happenstance

You want fast-paced, hard-hitting fighting? Retro City Warfare HAS GOT YOU COVERED.

Come see some of your favorite characters from fighting games such as Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Final Fight, & more battle it out solely to prove who is the best in an exciting stage combat show LIVE FOR YOUR PERSONAL ENJOYMENT!

2:15PM - 3:15PM

The Music of CEO Daytona

Saturday, June 30th – 2:30PM  to 3:30PM- Panel Room 1 (Room 103)

Hosted by Mega Ran with Mag.Lo, EyeQ, and O_Super

Video Game music is such a huge part of CEO and our community, from VGM, Chiptune, Nerdcore Hip-Hop and beyond. Rapper Mega Ran and CEO Gaming music team will explore music’s role in the creation and operation of the event, with a fun trip through history. Turn it up!

3:00PM =- 4:00PM

Fighting Game Anime: It's (Mostly) Terrible

Saturday, June 30th – 3:00PM to 4:00PM – Panel Room 2 (Room 102)

Hosted by Daryl Surat and Gerald Rathkolb of Anime World Order

You would think that with so many fighting games being inspired by Japanese cartoons that it would be a no-brainer to make quality anime based on fighting games. You would be sorely mistaken (with maybe…three exceptions), and the Anime World Order Podcast ( has ample video evidence. We can’t guarantee you’ll see the invisible dinosaurs at this panel. (Because they’re invisible.)

3:30PM - 4:15PM

Turning your Hobby into a Career

Saturday, June 30th – 4:00PM to 5:00PM – Panel Room 1 (Room 103)

Hosted by Steven “Way Stark” Hill and Leonard Flounoy Jr

This panel focuses on that gap that you have to jump to bring your hobby into the center of your life. Way Stark and Leonard Flounoy Jr talk about some of the things they wish they had known before embarking on this journey and answer questions hobbyists have!

12:00PM - 1:00PM

Jai-Alai Heroes: Creating a Competitive Game in Your Free Time

Saturday, June 30th – 4:30PM to 5:30PM – Panel Room 2 (Room 102)

Hosted by Brian Stabile and Caris Baker of Astro Crow

Indie developers Astro Crow will discuss their development of “Jai-Alai Heroes”, a four player competitive PC/console game they created in their free time with three people and zero budget. They will explain how to collaborate remotely, stay productive, as well as how to build a community around a title designed for competitive play. There will be a demo of the game along with a Q&A session at the end.

5:45PM - 6:45PM

Esports 101: Understanding Sponsorships

Saturday, June 30th – 5:30PM to 6:30PM – Panel Room 1 (Room 103)

Hosted by David Wu

Do you want to be sponsored? This panel will cover the differences between teams, sponsors, endorsements and patronage along with the nuances in the roles of sponsorship in the esports industry. Additionally we will explore what it means to have a commercial or corporate sponsor as an event, competitor, or team.

5:30PM - 6:30PM

Pro Wrestling Trivia Slamboree

Saturday, June 30th – 6:00PM to 7:00PM – Panel Room 2 (Room 102)

Hosted by Steve Mesa

Listen up brother…you think you got what it takes when it comes to pro wrestling trivia? Are the be-all end-all embodiment of a pro wrestling encyclopedia? Come on down and channel your inner Meltzer to compete with wrestling know-it-alls for some treats and prizes.

7:00PM - 8:00PM

History of SNK: The NEO GEO Years

Saturday, June 30th – 7:00PM to 8:00PM – Panel Room 1 (Room 103)

Hosted by Kent Ward by Mike “Brotha Kyo” Burgess

SNK is one of the most prominent developers of fighting games ever, with iconic series such as The King of Fighters, Samurai Shodown, Fatal Fury, and many more. We’re going to look at the NEO GEO era of SNK and celebrate all their contributions to fighting games and arcade culture.


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