CEO Gaming is excited to Announce GEICO Gaming as our Title Sponsor

Community Effort Orlando is proud to announce that GEICO Gaming is CEO 2017’s title sponsor/partner. GEICO Gaming has been a presence in the gaming scene for a few years now, supporting amateur gamers through online and on-site Hearthstone Tournaments at top gaming events. They’ll be making this year’s CEO Gaming our best experience yet. Here’s what GEICO Gaming is helping the event achieve this year.


24-Hour Jebaileyland presented by GEICO Gaming

For the first time ever thanks to GEICO Gaming, Jebaileyland, known for its plethora of arcade machines and free play setups, will be open 24-hours all weekend long (located in the Keys 7,000 sq ft ballroom this year) starting Friday until Sunday! We’ve expanded Jebaileyland to feature more arcade machines (List of games here) than ever before and also allow for attendees to setup more BYOC consoles and get that all-night practice in with their friends as well as host side tournaments.


Our Main Stage Production

If you have attended CEO before, then you’re very familiar with our infamous Wrestling ring as our Finals stage for all official tournaments. GEICO Gaming is giving us the opportunity to kick things up a notch to make the CEO spectacle better than ever for both players and spectator!


The GEICO Gaming Booth at CEO 2017

The GEICO Gaming booth is located inside the main Palms Ballroom. Be sure to stop by their gaming lounge for casual gaming, player signings, custom photos, and premium giveaways.



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CEO 2017 Registration ends this Sunday, June 4th at 11:59pm est on for all competitors. Spectator passes will still be available at the event.