CEO 2019 Community Side Events

CEO 2019’s 24 Hour Jebaileyland is welcoming back side events with their own dedicated stage and area featuring more games than ever before.

Attendees looking to compete in the below tournaments will need a Competitor or Spectator pass for CEO 2019 (available HERE). You can find the Community Side Tournaments scheduled for CEO 2019 below. Please note that the event schedule is still be finalized. Check back in June for a final listing of each tournament’s start time.

Please note that Community Side Tournaments are not officially run by CEO Gaming staff. The event takes no ownership or responsibility for the quality of your competitive experience when taking part in these or other Community Side Tournaments found within CEO 2019. If you have any questions related to these tournaments you will need to contact their organizers directly listed on their respective pages.

You need at least a 3 day Spectator or Competitor Badge to enter any of the side tournaments listed below. 

All tourney entries are to be paid with cash on site unless otherwise noted on their registration page. Click to register  for more rules and details.




For any additional questions about side events, feel free to contact us here:



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