Rules Updated 6/6/18

PlayStation 4 | Bring Your Own Controller
? Double Elimination
? Default settings
? 2/3 Games per Set
? 3/5 Games for Losers & Winners Final
? 3/5 Games for Grand Finals
? Winner must keep characters
? Loser may switch
? Random stage select
? Rules subject to change

Will You Become a Champion?

CEO Official Tournament Champions will receive a custom Championship Gold Belt for their ability to win the highest level. Our tournament finalist will receive a medal as well.

100% of Game Entry Fees go into their respective Prize Pools.
Percentages below represent the listed player’s cut of an individual game’s prize pool.

Tournaments with 63 competitors or less will pay out to the top 3.
1st Place – 60%
2nd Place – 25%
3rd Place – 15%

Tournament with 64 competitors or more will pay out to the Top 8.
1st Place – 50%
2nd Place – 20%
3rd Place – 13%
4th Place – 7%
5th Place (tie) – 3%
7th Place (tie) – 2%

Pot Bonuses, when provided by developers or sponsors, will be split based on their respective requests. Any Pot Bonuses announced will be listed per their respective game’s prizes tab.


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