Thank You to everyone that attended or watched #CEO2019 Presented by Samsung Simple Mobile. 10,000+ attendees came to CEO in Daytona Beach, FL to celebrate fighting games, rhythm games and professional wrestling. Spanning over 40 countries, 45 states and viewers from all over the world, This was the largest FGC event to ever hit the east coast. With over 11 streams, 30+ tournaments, 20+ partners, 15+ exhibitor booths, 35 artists, 400+ staff/production/volunteers, it would not have been possible without everyone’s support. To another Ten Years Strong! Enjoy a look back at everything CEO 2019. 

CEO 2019 Recap Video by Esteban Martinez

With over $140,000 in prizes thanks to community and developer tour bonus support across multiple games, CEO 2019 had some of the fiercest competition to date. Below are all of our finalists and playlists. Be sure to give them a follow and support them in their next journey!

Super Smash Bros Ultimate.
1164 players
Top 8 Playlist

Mortal Kombat 11
531 Players
Top 8 Playlist

Street Fighter V
449 Players
Top 8 Playlist

Tekken 7
391 Players
Top 8 Playlist

351 Players
Top 8 Playlist

Super Smash Bros Melee.
329 Players
Top 8 Videos

Click here for Full Melee Standings & Player Info

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle
161 Players
Top 8 Playlist

Click here for Full BBTAG Standings & Player Info

Guilty Gear XRD – Rev 2
118 Players
Top 8 Playlist

Blazblue Central Fiction 
64 Players
Top 8 Playlist

Dead or Alive 6
87 Players
Top 8 Playlist

Click here for Full DOA6 Standings & Player Info

Soul Calibur VI
166 Players
Top 8 Videos

Click here for Full SCVI Standings & Player Info

194 Players
Top 8 Playlist

#CEO2019 Official Photo Galleries

Additional Photo Galleries from Various Media and Attendees

Thank You!

A huge thank you to All Elite Wrestling for partnering with us to host #FyterFest! One of the largest live wrestling events to happen in Florida at the Ocean Center. Be sure to support them for supporting the FGC with an incredible production and show that introduced professional wrestling to the fighting game community.

Thank you to all of our wonderful partners for helping make #CEO2019 possible. They played a huge part in making the CEO experience one of our best ever this year.

CEO 2019 Reviews, Articles and Recaps from various Media Outlets!

See what attendees had to say about #CEO2019 & #FyterFest

Thank you again to everyone that attended #CEO2019! Stay tuned for more information on future events. Next up is #CEOtaku on September 27-29th at the Wyndham Orlando Resort!