Hey Florida, Andres aka nothingxs here,

Some of you know me as one of CEO’s TO’s, some of you know me as EVO’s head TO, and some of you only know me from my poll asking this group what games you’d like to see at a monthly. Right now, I’m excited to be here as a CEO TO telling you that we’re launching a new monthly fighting game tournament!

Our new monthly will be called CITRUS CLASH and will be taking place at The Geek Easy on Semoran Boulevard in Winter Park, Florida on March 4, 2017! I will personally be running our monthly events and, although this first one is focused on Street Fighter V, we are planning to bring in many fighting games as the event grows!

We want to reignite interest in offline, head-to-head competition not only for seasoned veterans looking to compete, but also for all the new players. The ultimate goal is to help the Florida scene level up and to keep fostering a sense of community by giving everyone a banner to rally around. In the process, we’re hoping this will help to reignite rivalries with other regions who are also doing the same.

You can expect a tournament on the first Saturday of every month. Again, our tournament on March 4th is going to focus on SFV as we test out the new location but our goal is to include another 2-3 games in April. Based on our polls I’m planning for those games to be Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, and The King of Fighters XIV. While we have no plan to run an official bracket for those games in March, I thoroughly encourage players to bring consoles (we will have a few monitors for BYOC) and set up side tournaments or casuals to begin building interest for those tournaments in April!

Come out on March 4th — and PROVE YOURSELF!

For more information and to register for the event CLICK HERE!

Join the Official Facebook event page and spread the word HERE.

For more information on our hosting venue The Geek Easy inside of A Comic Shop in Orlando, visit HERE.