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For the past few years, the Smash Community has come to CEO in June and supported the event passionately. Now we would like to show the love back and host an event dedicated to all things Super Smash Bros and more for the Florida Community and beyond. This will be an event bringing together the smash communities and giving them the opportunity to level up before the busy summer season of big tournaments.

CEO Dreamland will take place at the amazing Wyndham Orlando Resort inside of the 20,000 Sq ft Ballroom and the nearby BYOC 6,000 sq ft ballroom. Rooms can be booked through this link here.

This 3 day event will focus on the following titles:

Super Smash WiiU

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Super Smash Bros 64


Rivals of Aether

All five events will also have Official Doubles tournaments on Friday starting at noon all day with Official Singles tournaments beginning Saturday morning at 10 am. Sunday will be Finals day for all singles events.

We also have plans to host various exhibitions throughout the weekend that we will be talking about soon.

In addition to the tournaments we’d like to have a fun way to celebrate Easter weekend with an official Easter Egg Hunt where you can find eggs scattered all over the Wyndham Venue and turn them in for various prizes. We’ll have a list of prizes

If there is another brawler you’d like to see as a part of Dreamland, feel free to reach out to us on social media, Side tournaments are welcome with approval and community setups in the BYOC room.

Registration will go live on December 16th on

What does this event mean for Smash Bros at our flagship CEO event in June next year? Great news is you can expect Smash WiiU and Smash Melee to return to CEO 2017 for official Singles tournaments so this event is to help everyone level up before our biggest event of the year.

Let’s make Dreamland great together.

For all information on the event you can visit

Also join the Official Facebook event page here for the latest updates to the event.

We hope to see you there!

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