Community Effort Orlando started out as a combined effort by the Fighting Game Community in Orlando and the rest of the state of Florida to salvage a canceled Event. With over 10+ years of tournament experience as both a competitor and tournament organizer, I(Alex Jebailey) used all of my personal resources to give back to something I love and put together a Major once a year Fighting Game tournament for the State of Florida open to all those willing to travel for competition and the love of the fighting game world. CEO’s Main Objective now is to bring together fans of the fighting game genre and gaming in general To Compete, Learn and Have Fun. You’ll meet people from all over the world with the same passion as yourself which can make for memorable experiences.

CEO Gaming History

Was put together from start to finish in only 3 weeks and ended with a turnout of over 350 gamers and spectators(125 entrants for Super Street Fighter 4 alone making it the biggest fighting game turnout in Florida’s History) throughout the weekend.

Looked to build on that and with over 6 months of preparation became one of the largest gaming competitions in Southeast USA. CEO had held 10+ tournaments in the Orlando area with a consistent turnout of over 70-100 competitors at each one for such popular Games as Super Street Fighter IV and Blazblue at this time. We leveraged our growing fanbase with an aggressive local and national promotional campaign for the upcoming tournament. The end result was that the CEO 2011 tournament became recognized as a prestigious EVO Championship Series Qualifier, and entertained over 650 competitors across Super Street Fighter 4: AE, Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Blazblue Blue, Smash Bros, Tekken 6, Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur 4 and Arcana Heart 3 tournaments. These promotional efforts and accolades helped us draw in attendees from 22 US States and 9 International countries. When the last KO was counted we celebrated a max Attendance just shy of 1,000 people – tripling CEO 2010’s Numbers and hinting at a great future.


CEO 2011 Launch Trailer

CEO 2011 Top Player Trailer

Followed a similar promotional campaign and achieved HUGE Success. From June 15th-17th, 2012 CEO hosted over 1,600 players and spectators from around the world and entertained nearly 1 million viewers throughout the weekend on our live stream. Over 30 States and 12 Countries of attendees, along with an increased sponsors booth presence, celebrated Fighting Games with CEO and helped make the annual event bigger than ever.

Continued to showcase tremendous growth as nearly 2,000 attendees from 32 states and 15 countries converged at CEO on June 28-30th, 2013. Because of the continued growth, CEO recognized a need for more space and immediately began planning for the event’s expansion across the newly renovated Wyndham Orlando Resort.

Continued the event’s annual growth with over 2800 internationally represented attendees filling up 30,000 sq ft of venue space at the Wyndham Orlando Resort. The event’s scale also demanded that CEO continue expanding its activities and attractions, bringing in an expansive artist alley and an expanded free-to-play arcade to help ensure entertained attendees!

Landed on June 26-28th, 2015 and filled the available 40,000 sq ft of venue space with 4,000+ attendees represented 40+ states and 16 countries. 3 Big Ballrooms were barely enough space for the increased production spectacle CEO brought to its 2015 production. As a total viewership of over 3 million watched the event in 2015, CEO continued its attempts at perfecting a weekend full of fierce competition and amazing memories.

Took place on June 24-26th at the Wyndham Orlando Resort totaling nearly 60,000 sq ft of space dedicated to the event.

Took place on June 16-18th at the Wyndham Orlando Resort. With over 4,000 attendees, CEO continued to grow before moving out of Orlando in 2018.

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