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CEO 2018 on June 29-July 1 in Daytona Beach, FL Questions

When is CEO 2018?

CEO 2018 takes place on June 29-July 1 in Orlando, FL at the Daytona Beach Ocean Center.

What is the CEO 2018 schedule?

A tentative schedule is on www.ceogaming.org/ceo. Schedule will be finalized once registration is closed on June 4th.

Which Airport do I Fly into?

With CEO 2018 moving to a new city there are multiple ways to reach the venue. Transportation is up to the attendees but CEO has provided a guide on which route is best for you. 

Daytona Beach 
Orlando International Airport (MCO) which is located about an hour and 15 minutes from the Daytona Beach Ocean Center and Hilton hotel.

What are the Official Games featured at CEO 2018?

The Final list for CEO 2018 will be decided before February 1st when registration goes live:

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition (PS4)
Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite (PS4)
Tekken 7
Super Smash Bros Melee(Gamecube)
Super Smash Bros WiiU (Nintendo WiiU)

More games to be announced by February 1st so stay tuned and let us know what games you would like to see at CEO 2018 on the official event page

Is there an Official Facebook Event page?

Yes there is! Join the CEO 2018 Event Page here.

How Can I help CEO 2018?

If you’re interested in being a part of the awesome team that makes this event possible, we will have Volunteer applications available in January 2018.

Can I still register during the event?

This year for the benefit of staff and players that register in advance, we will not be accepting any emergency registration this year. Please register for CEO 2018 online before June 17th at 11:59pm est or you will not be able to compete. Spectator passes will still be available on site via weekend badges or single day tickets.

What is the Jebaileyland Arcade?

Jebaileyland arcade is a free to play arcade area featuring old school arcade cabinets with some of your favorite fighting, dancing and racing games alike. 

If you’d like to be a part of Jebaileyland arcade at CEO 2018, please read here for more information.

Where is CEO 2018 located?

CEO 2018 takes place at the Ocean Center Daytona Beach, 101 N Atlanta Ave, Daytona Beach, FL 32118! Click here for Hotel Details and directions.

The official Hosting Hotel of CEO 2018 is the Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort directly across the street.

When does Registration for CEO 2018 End?

Registration deadlines will be announced by February 1st, 2018 when registration goes live.

How do I get to the Ocean Center Venue if I'm from out of town?
CEO 2018 Refund Policy?

You may request a refund before CEO begins under these conditions:

Within 30 days of your registration through PayPal as long as it is before June 1st.
Absolutely no refunds will be given after June 1st as all event materials will be ordered for the event at this time.

To request a refund before the deadline please contact Alex Jebailey at CEOGaming@gmail.com

CEO is not responsible for flight, hotel or other arrangement changes.

How old do I need to be to compete?

Yes, you need to be 13 years or older with a guardian present. If you are younger than 13, we will need your parents to sign some paper work for you to play as well as if you place in the top 8 of the tournament.
Children 12 and under are free to spectate the event with an adult ticket purchase.

Do you have an Artist Alley?

CEO features great community artists every year in our ever growing artist alley. Please stay tuned for applications to go live by January 1st.


Can you smoke/vape in the Ballroom.

No. Please keep it outside in designated areas.


General CEO Questions

What is CEO?

Community Effort Orlando is a series of Fighting Game Tournaments located in Orlando, FL. Read all about the history of CEO since its inception in 2010 here.

Who do I contact with any Media, Partnerships or General Questions?

Please contact Alex Jebailey at ceogaming@gmail.com.

What does BYOC (Bring your own Controller) mean?

CEO events require competitors to supply their own controller for any tournaments they enter. This means you’ll need to bring an arcade stick, wired console pad controller, or inventive keyboard contraption compatible with the console your tournament is scheduled to appear on.