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Citrus Clash News and Updates!

Citrus Clash Moves to a brand new Venue beginning June 3rd at NASCAR Idrive!

Read all about the new venue on our June 3rd event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/737821856396976/

TO Update on March 12th on our next Citrus Clash

Hey everyone!

Thank you all very much for coming out to our first CEO Citrus Clash back on March 4th. We’re very pleased with the turnout of the event and are looking forward to going forward with this Red Bull Proving Grounds season with you, and we have some news to get you excited for the next tournaments.

First off, we will be adding two games to the rotation for April. The first of those games will be Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3, which will be played on PS4. We know that Florida has a deep love for Marvel! As an additional incentive, if we can get more than 16 entrants at this event, Citrus Clash will apply for entry to the Curleh Circuit, a nationwide league for Marvel, hosted by smash.gg! For more information on that, please visit their page https://smash.gg/curleh-circuit — let us know what you think.

The second game we will be adding is The King of Fighters XIV, which will also be played on PS4. There are many KOF players in Florida that have been itching for a tournament to give the game some love, and with the announcement of new DLC, a possible patch and its inclusion into theCEO and EVO rosters, we think now’s the time to let the game get some time in the spotlight in Florida.

We have plans for May as well, but we feel this is the right amount of growth for both our venue and our scope in terms of adding additional games. Don’t worry — there will be more news coming down the pipeline, especially for those of you who are huge fans of anime games.

Second off, I want to talk about the Red Bull Proving Grounds format this year.


Let’s talk about the Proving Grounds format for this year. The stakes are a little bit different this time around — this time, there are twelve different qualifying regions. Eleven of those are cities, with the last region being the online qualifier. Players will be able to compete in April, May and June for a chance at being one of the three top players in Florida.

At the end of the Proving Grounds season, those three players will be sent to Santa Monica to play against the other regions in a 3v3 team battle to be the Proving Grounds champion for season 1 of the new Red Bull Proving Grounds circuit — and the region that wins will win a trip for their team and all of the Top 8 of their region to EVO 2017. If you want to read more about the format and check out the upcoming events, check out https://smash.gg/proving-grounds.

This is a big departure from last year’s format, and I think it is probably the coolest thing for this year. I want to see our local Street Fighter V scene grow and I think we have players that can see it through. I look forward to seeing you all compete and show up for the second Citrus Clash — the first of the Red Bull Proving Grounds season here in Orlando!

– Andres

Citrus Clash is now apart of the 2017 Red Bull Proving Grounds Series!
CEO Monthlies are back on the first Saturday of every month

Citrus Clash March 2017


  1.  Liquid ‘NuckleDu (Guile)
  2.  Flash (Urien/Vega)
  3.  Orwando (Guile)
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Citrus Clash April 1st

Citrus Clash May 6th

Citrus Clash June 3rd (NEW VENUE!)
SFV, Tekken 7, Injustice 2, UMvC3, GG Rev 2, KOFXIV