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CEOtaku Applications will go Live Spring 2018




Mascot artist of CEOtaku’s cutest girl, Shiyo-chan! California artist that sells FGC-related prints, charms, and your waifu (probably).

Illustrator and competitive Smash 4 player who specializes in cute anime style fan art of various anime and games.

Freelance artist specializing in high-quality gaming-related plushwork, keychains, and other fabric-made goodies!☆

Kirby Austria

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I am a small digital illustrator that gladly creates fanart prints, stickers, and charms.

I sell prints, stickers, zines and will offer on-site commissions as well. I will have artwork of assorted anime, videogames, and anime videogames.

Mandy is a digital illustrator that specializes in cute girls of games and anime! Affordable posters and other small items! ♡

The Sticker Dork

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I’m The Sticker Dork… ’nuff said. We make awesome vinyls, framed art, clothing, and much more awesome nerdy/geeky coolness.

Local illustration artist from Tampa, enjoys making video game, cartoon and anime inspired fanart and original work. Selling art prints, pin back buttons, stickers, acrylic charms and more.

Michael & Michelle

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We are 2 artists who do a variety of gaming and anime artwork.

Viverne Graphics

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 From the heart of a Comp Player for comp. Players. Posters, buttons, stickers, pad Decals; and much more, all custom made on the spot. Now featuring custom Fight-Stick Artwork and Custom Decals for Arcade buttons.

Lazy Nerd Designs

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We sell hand printed t-shirts, bags, and beanies that we design ourselves and also print ourselves. We also hand make drawstring bags, nerdy pocket T’s, and pillows that we screen print our designs on as well.

“Southeast US Artist that draws fighting game characters, promotional artist for Nashicon and creating Serenata Chronicles!”

Shira Testman

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Whether it’s stickers or comics, prints or personalized commissions; Vicious Violet Productions has a little something for everyone!

Tennessee-based artist who puts all their love for fighting games into art. Offering prints, body pillow covers, boob mousepads, and charms.

Okami (Pure Black Heart Studios)

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Guilty Gear, Skullgirls, and Blazblue enthusiast. I also draw waifus, husbandos, and make trinkets. On-site commissions available!

Brittany Cruz

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I am a graphics designer and illustrator that streams on twitch daily. I sell buttons,bookmarks, badges, prints and stickers! Commissions are always open!

Spewing Mews creates a variety of video game and anime related merchandise including pinup-style prints, stickers, decals, charms, and even custom commissions!

A Quirky weird space alien born to show off her creations made by feelings.