Welcome to the CEO 2017 Artist Alley! This year we have more artists than ever at CEO. They will be spread all over the venue so be sure to visit every one and pick some great art up.

Check out the artists coming to the event and get pre-commissions ready for you to pick up when you arrive at the event!

Official Artist Alley hours are Friday-Sunday from 10 am until 6 pm each day.  Artists are allowed to remain open at their own discretion after hours.

Visit  CEOGaming.org/ceoschedule for Venue Map and complete event schedule

Illustrator and competitive Smash 4 player who specializes in cute anime style fan art of various anime and games.

World of Snowcrafts

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Posters, on-the-spot drawings, stickers, clay charms, and various accessories.

Freelance artist specializing in high-quality gaming-related plushwork, keychains, and other fabric-made goodies!☆

Geeky Crafts and More

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Handmade crochet hats, blankets, and plushies for fans of all ages!

Yvonne Burton

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I’m Yvonne Burton, an illustrator who specializes in all things fantasy, science fiction, and games. I sell prints of favorite characters and original illustrations.

Mandy is a digital illustrator that specializes in cute girls of games and anime! Affordable posters and other small items! ♡

I’m Wave! 🙂 I draw a lot of Capcom related artwork, and I love turning them into Cats!!

GenkiGoth Studios

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Info Coming Soon!

Patrick Towers

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Info Coming Soon!

Exit 8-bit Beads

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We are Exit 8-bit Beads, a perler bead company based in the Carolinas. We make 8-bit sprites of any video game characters, anime characters, and even custom 8-bit logos. We make necklaces, keychains, earrings, boxes, etc. At CEO 2017 we will have over 400 items for sale.

Underworld Gamez

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We sell the HOT selling Underworld Gamez Smash Crates. Lumas plushes of all the smash characters and more. Incredible bead sprites.

Creator of plushies, keychains, hats and scarves video game and anime related~

Call Me Midas Studios is the brainchild of K.F. Golden, an illustrator working out of Memphis, TN. Call Me Midas produces fanart and original works inspired by nerd culture, specifically video games and Japanese animation.

Local illustration artist from Tampa, enjoys making video game, cartoon and anime inspired fanart and original work. Selling art prints, pin back buttons, stickers, acrylic charms and more.

Michael & Michelle

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We are 2 artists who do a variety of gaming and anime artwork.

Handmade Cute and Kawaii Gifts and Illustrations to make you flutter.

Monica RavenWolf

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Get to know Artist, Monica RavenWolf as she showcases her unique artistic styling. Utilizing only color pencil to bring her hyper realistic portrait and fantasy work to life.


The Sticker Dork

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I’m The Sticker Dork… ’nuff said. We make awesome vinyls, framed art, clothing, and much more awesome nerdy/geeky coolness.

Viverne Graphics

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From the heart of a Comp Player for comp. Players. Posters, buttons, stickers; extra unique goodies like Chain-grabbable pillows, hand-made custom buttons/stickers, and more. Need Twitch layouts, website graphics, and such? We got those too!

Lazy Nerd Designs

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We sell hand printed t-shirts, bags, and beanies that we design ourselves and also print ourselves. We also hand make drawstring bags, nerdy pocket T’s, and pillows that we screen print our designs on as well.

Barrett Biggers

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The Peoples’ Geek and Tra-Digital Artist making original surreal nature art and focusing on games, pop-culture, film and anime.

Derwin Roberson is a Freelance Illustrator living and working in NYC. Over the past 17 years under the pseudonym Blue Hanzo, he has worked on a variety of projects including illustrations for doujinshi, video games, childrens’ books, as well as movie production art.
He can be reached at bluehanzo.derwin@gmail.com

Brittany Cruz

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Freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator and Streamer. I sell Badges, Bookmarks, Buttons, Prints, and Stickers!

Los Angeles based artist who loves to draw anime-style art for games.

A lover of video games and bright colors! Illustrator based in Canada offering charms, stickers, and prints from your favorite games. Commissions are also available.

Mute City Customs

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At events, Mute City Customs offer controller modding and customizations services for smash bros players. Our controller modder, Typo, has performed work for top players including Mango, mew2king, SFAT, Swedish Delight, Druggedfox, and dozens of other top-100 ranked melee players.

Gaming posters and art.