CEO 2013 Elimination Chamber!

Written by Alex Jebailey.

Announcing the 10ftx10ft 6 Ft Tall  CEO Elimination Chamber Stage for CEO 2013 weekend.
-UMvC3 3v3 Team Tournament inside the Steel Cage
-32 Team Cap $15 per team to enter Single Elimination 3v3
-Team Captains must sign up and register their team(team name and player’s names) on Site at CEO 2013 Friday between 2-3 pm Team Tourney will start at 3 pm. Will fit as many matches as possible up until 8 pm inside the Cage.
-Pokemon Style each match is 1 game, Winner stays on
All 6 players will enter the cage together for the first match.
-When a Team Member is eliminated from their match they must exit the cage and winner stays on to play the next member of the opposing team until one team loses all 3 members.
-Grand Finals Will be played between the 2 final teams during FighterMania Friday Night(scheduled to happen 9 pm til Midnight)
-Stream is currently tentative and may not happen, however all matches inside will be recorded, this is something you have to see in person to experience!
-After Friday throughout the weekend the Elimination Chamber will be used to record off stream loser’s bracket elimination matches for various games throughout the weekend for quick youtube uploading. More details and schedule of that closer to the event. Please note the cage is not the main stage and will be in another part of the ballroom. The Boxing Ring is still front and Center!
If you haven't booked your Hotel Room at the CEO Resort, we have officially sold out the Discounted Block, As long as there are rooms available you can still book at the CEO Rate here Once those are gone though the entire hotel will be sold out.

Also don’t forget to Register for CEO 2013 on before the deadline June 23rd!


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